MHP has joined All-Ukraine Network of Respectability and Compliance (UNIC)

Transparency of business, high reputation of the responsible company, strong corporate and business ethics, leading positions in the market through the honest competition by qualitative production - invariable philosophy of group of companies PJSC "Myronivskyi Hliboproduct" from the foundation day till now. 

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MHP Together with Radar Tech Launches the Large-scale Project on Search and Support of Start-ups

The agroholding Mironivskyi Hliboproduct and Radar Tech technological cluster launch the general innovative accelerator for search and development of start-ups din different spheres. 

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Transparent business conduct: MHP has won a court case contra German TV-channel
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Leading Ukrainian agro-holding MHP that strictly adheres to the principles of highest transparency and openness in business conduct has won a court case contra German TV-channel. 

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The «Countryside: steps to development»

On August 7 in Cherkasy and on August 18 in Vinnitsya, ceremonial events took place summarizing results of mini-grants competition for rural population «Countryside: steps to development» organized by Myronivs’ky Hliboproduct PJSC for the second year in a row. 25 best projects were announced in Cherkasy Region and 20 ones in Vinnitsya Region. 

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MHP Establishes Cooperation with Public Organisations
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August 11th, 2017

The second consecutive meeting with the representatives of the public environmental organisation the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) and the CEE Bankwatch Network took place in mid-July 2017.

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Ecology Forum in Ladygin with participation of MHP

On August 3, in Ladygin town of Vinnitsya Region, First Ecology Forum has taken place. More than half hundred participants, representatives of large business and public organizations of the region visited this business event.

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MHP and NGO "Ladyzhyn Public Council" signed a Memorandum on the creation of a communication platform

April 4, 2017 in Ladyzhyn a Memorandum on the creation of a communication platform "Power - Economic Sector - Society for Cleaner Production" was signed between JSC "MHP" and NGO "Ladyzhyn Public Council". 

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