MHP’s objective is full energy security combined with pure organic farming methods.

Alternative energy sources, efficient use of current energy resources, minimizing energy consumption and the use of energy efficient and energy saving technologies are becoming increasingly important in order to minimize dependency on any one energy source.


Identifying and using alternative energy resources is among MHP’s top priorities today. High-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products, “green” energy and pure nature are the world standards which we endeavor to implement at our facilities.

MHP has set the following strategic objectives:

  • Energy independence (at a minimum, independence from political and non-political factors influencing the price on gas, electricity and other energy resources including minerals; at a maximum, transition to own energy generation).
  • Production of environmentally friendly organic biological fertilizers.
  • Environmental enhancement at all MHP sites.


MHP started constructing its first biogas station at the Orіl-Leader poultry farm in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in 2012. As early as December 2012, the company commissioned its first fermenter. The biogas station started at full capacity generation in 2013 when it produced a total of 5MWh (which is equivalent to the electricity supply to 15,000 apartments and heat supply to 1,500 apartments). At the end of 2014, the biogas station reached its full capacity and during 2015 biogas station was worked on full capacity. Such capacity means it is the largest biogas station in Europe to use chicken manure and slaughterhouse wastes.

Project approval by international organizations is a proof of its efficiency and relevance in terms of ecology and security.

The project cost is US$15 million.


Key materials for Biogas Production

Chicken manure 170 t/day (62 000 t/year)
Flotation sludge (liquid) 60 t/day (22 000 t/year)
Water from washing of chiken barns 100 t/day (36 500 t/year)
Ensilage of sorgo 100 t/day (36 500 t/year)
Waste water 500 t/day (180 000 t/year)








Biogas Plant Production

Biogas 20 000 000  m3/ year
Electrical energy 41 000 000 m3/ year
Heat energy 30 000 Gcal/year