"Our breakthrough to success and leadership in Ukrainian market was achieved owing to our strategic assets: MHP appreciates professionalism at all levels - from top management to trainees and young professionals.

The latter have special opportunities in "MHP", a highly motivated and smart high school graduate is always welcome in MHP. Besides high career horizons, we provide our employees with favorable environment for devotion to work and professional fulfillment. If you are keen to work and grow as an expert both in Ukraine and in the world, if your professional ambitions are extremely high, join our team and you will find broad opportunities and an adequate remuneration"- Yuri Kosyuk, Chairman of the PrJSC "MHP"



Our project for young professionals offers to last courses students internship at MHP’s enterprises with the prospect of further employment.


Компанія шукає гарних працівників, що є професіоналами своєї справи.
Детальну інформація про відкриті вакансії у групі компаній МХП ви знайдете за посиланням нижче.


As one of the largest employers in Ukraine, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees, improving their skills at work and promoting health and well-being generally.



PrJSC "Myronivsky Hliboproduct"
158,Akademica Zabolotnogo Str,
Kyiv, 03143, Ukraine