MHP – one of the leading Ukrainian companies in corporate governance


"MHP" shares the top positions of Corporate Governance Ranking in Ukraine by "Concorde Capital" (Kyiv)

Brad Wells, a research analyst stated in his presentation that ranking was compiled on the basis of company’s transparency to stakeholders, minority shareholders right, as well as investor relations. According to this, analysts developed 10 criteria of corporate governance and estimated 114 companies in Ukraine, among which MHP together with 4 other companies met all the criteria. The major criteria out of 10 is availability of IFRS, ownership structure, strategic risks, possibility to meet management team, level of publicity and corporate website.

Brad Wells marked a general trend towards improvement in quality of corporate governance of public companies.

"Over the last three studies, we observed a steady increase in the number of companies with good corporate governance and the simultaneous decline in the number of poor ratings. In 2007 there were twice less companies-leaders in corporate governance and twice more companies-outsiders” - Brad Wells said.

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