MHP has completed winter sowing campaign


Today MHP completed its sowing campaign of winter crops (wheat, rape, barley, etc.) having planted 90% of the planned area that is about 67,000 hectares.


Taking into consideration weather conditions the company decided to saw the remaining 10% during the spring sawing campaign in 2012.

Winter rape is sown on 13,700 hectares, winter wheat on 45,300 ha, winter barley on 6,700 ha, and other crops on 850 ha. The company noted that all crops are in good condition.

Currently the company has harvested about 65% of corn.

Harvest of oil crops was completed in mid-October. 73,530 tonnes of crops was harvested on 27,000 hectares (2010: 65,455 tons from 25,630 ha). The average yield of sunflower reached 2.8 t/ha (2010: 2.6 t/ha), while Ukraine’s average was 1.9 t/ha (2010: 1.6 t/ha).

The expected yield of 2010-2011 sowing campaign in grains and oil crops is 1.8 million tons, 60-65% of which will be used for company's production needs.

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