MHP has set a European record in corn yield


 MHP’s enterprise PrJSC Scientific-Production "Urozhay", headed by Oleg Vasetsky, set a European record in corn yield this year, having harvested 19 tons per hectare from 91.4 hectares.

MHP and "Urozhay" were greeted by "Monsanto" company, which provides MHP with seeds.

The full version of the letter from "Monsanto Ukraine":

"To: First Deputy Chairman of the PJSC MHP Melnik Y.F.
  To: Director of PrJSC Scientific-Production "Urozhay" Vasetsky O.V.

Dear Partners,
On behalf of the company "Monsanto" I would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit one of the holding’s enterprises, located in the picturesque village Polstvin, Kanev district. I had the opportunity to see that the technology applied by agronomists allowed to unleash the potential of Monsanto hybrids to the maximum and provides a stable result in an average of 125-130 centners.

In addition, we are pleased and proud that MHP set a European record for corn produced this year achieving a yield of 190 centners per hectare on 91.4 hectares with humidity about 22% using our BCS 5143 hybrid. We are impressed by the level of technology at your enterprise, and the quality of its application at all levels from soil preparation, planting, protection to harvesting.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation and wish you good luck with your crop yields and profits!
Elena Fomina

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