Update on winter wheat condition at MHP enterprises


As of 16 February winter wheat at MHP enterprises is sown on the area of 45,283 hectares that is 89% of the planned area.

Areas with problematic watering conditions were not completely sown because of the risks of not getting yield (Crimea, Khmelnitsky region, Sumy, Ivano-Frankivsk region). Unsown areas were partly sown with winter barley and will be sown with spring wheat and spring rapes in spring.
Temperature above zero in autumn, snowfall in December 2011 and in the first decade of January 2012 have sufficiently improved physiological condition of winter wheat and other winter crops. Main areas of winter wheat are in the stage of a third leaf and tillering Prior to entrance into winter conditions crop color was dark green, bush shape was squat without overgrown parts. Phytosanitary monitoring of crops in the end of 2011 and in January – February 2012 proved high probability of good yields if there is no weather anomalies (e.g.sharp drop in temperature without snow, lasting ice crust etc).

Low temperatures in the third decade of January across Ukraine won’t negatively affect condition of winter wheat at MHP enterprises, because crops are covered with layer of snow from 10 to 25 cm. There was no thaw, which could cause incrustation of ice. According to the data of local meteorological stations the temperature in bushing areas doesn’t fall lower –8C. The critical temperature of tilling zone (depth up to 3 m.) for winter wheat crops at MHP enterprises could be below –15C with 48-72 hours exposure that is unlikely with current snow layer.

MHP enterprises are preparing for crop nutrition with nitrogenous fertilizers over frozen and thawed ground after renewal of vegetation. Nitrogenous fertilizers for 95% of area are bought and liquid nitrogenous fertilizers are contracted for delivery during the application period.
As of February 16 winter wheat at MHP enterprises are in good condition, crops are physiologically healthy. All planned technological operations on improvement of 2012 yield potential were undertaken in autumn 2011. Reshowing is not planned currently. Yield is expected as was planned in enterprises’ budgets.

Further scheduled monitoring of crops condition is planned later in February 2012 by the approved method of block sample.

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