MHP is in the top five of sunflower oil producers in Ukraine


2011/2012 marketing year (September 2011- August 2012) turned to be highly successful for domestic oil-fat market. Ukrainian companies have produced record amount of sunflower oil – 3.56 million tones per year which is 20% more than last marketing year. 90% of the output was exported.

According to data of “Grain Ukraine”, the biggest producer of sunflower oil in Ukraine is “Kernel” owned by Andrey Verevskiy (more than 1 million tons per year). International company “Cargill”, which doesn’t produce for domestic market, keeps the second place with significant lag (446,000 tons per year). The third place belongs to “Agrocosm” (TM “Schedro”- 331,000 tons per year). “Bunge” (TM “Oleina”) and "MHP” take fourth and fifth places accordingly producing 200,000 tons per year each.
Ukraine is well known to produce quarter of the overall sunflower oil in the world and controls the half of its global export.

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