Once again «Nasha Riaba» is the leader among the most popular brands according to «Focus» magazine.


«Nasha Riaba» is the leader among Ukrainian brands for three years. Chilled poultry meat under this brand is sold in Ukraine since 2001. Over a period of ten years the annual consumption level per person increased from 3.3 kilograms (2002) to 24 kilograms (2011).

MHP holds half of Ukrainian industrial poultry production. MHP believes that advertising activity is the key to brand success: according to the monitoring of trademark perception and chilled poultry advertising segment, carried out by the company Ipsos for MHP, the brand recognition of «Nasha Riaba» reached 100% in year 2012. In April 2012 new marketing campaign was launched, which included the sponsorship in culinary show, as well as advertising campaign on TV, in press and outdoors, led by the slogan: «Caring for chicken we care for you».«Nasha Riaba», focusing on family business. The first shop opened in Boyarka, other are to be opened soon.

This year a new franchising program was launched under the trademark of


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