PJSC «Oril-Leader»


Oril-Leader poultry farm is full cycle enterprise producing everything from day-old chicks to broiler chicken meat. The technological process of poultry meat production involves incubating eggs, rearing, slaughtering, and processing broilers. The enterprise manufactures products for sale on the domestic market of Ukraine.


The complex was founded in 1980–1981 and joned MHP in 2001.

The production base of the poultry plant Oril-Leader consists of three lines:

-   hatching house with output of 75 million eggs per year;

-   production division on poultry farming: 24 production areas, total quantity of poultry houses – 239;

-   workshops for slaughtering and processing of chicken-broilers with max output of 9,500 heads per hour.

The enterprise exploits equipment of such companies and manufacturers as: Pas Reform, Big Dutchman (Germany), MMO POSS (Canada), and Roxell.

Types of finished products: fresh, frozen chicken meat, packaged and not packaged chicken meat.

1. Operating activities:

·         Number of growing areas/breedings/poultry houses in the breeding – 3/24/239

·         Number of heads in one poultry house– poultry houses differ in space

·         Number of production lines– 1

·         Other enterprise objects (hatchers, sewage treatment units, etc.) – hatcher, sewage treatment units, biogas complex 5,5 MWt

2. Hatcher:

·         Number – 1

·         Capacity – 75 mln of eggs per year

·         Hatch, % – 80,71 %

·         Eggs hatched a year (pieces) – 41 mln of eggs per year

3. Indices of enterprise operation for 2017:

·         Farming of 42,154,326 units of poultry stock

·         Slaughter per year/ day (chicks) – 39,710,220

·         Produced live weight of 105,030 tons per year

·         Growing – 94,95 %

·         Feed convertion ratio – 1,749

4. Certification of the enterprise:

–Certificate of system of food safety control of State standard of Ukraine ISO 22000: 2007 (ISO 22000:2005) issued in 2017

5. Social project / programs of enterprise:

·         Headcount (31.12.2017)- 1590

·         Average salary at the enterprise – 8,151,7 hrn/ 6,575,92 hrn

·         Employees social welfare (e.g.: providing with accommodation, catering, transportation to/from workplace etc.):

-        Benefits: production and catering.

-        Provision with vouchers into children camps and into sanatoriums.

-        Free-of-charge transportation of employees to / from workplace.

-        Welfare, gifts in favor of employees and their children on occasion of holidays.

-        Regular bonus awards to best employees.

-        Opportunities for education of employees and their children in high educational institutions of Ukraine at the expense of the enterprise.

-        Programs for employees under such names as «Young specialist», «Staff reserve».

-        Young specialists and employees of enterprise are provided with temporal and permanent accommodation.

·         Total amount of money invested in employees welfare in 2017 – over 1 mln hrn.

6. Local Communities and Development of the Region in 2017

During 2017 the Oril-Leader Company provided assistance to about 20 native organizations and institutions in the amount of more than 800 thousand hryvnias. It was a help both at the appeals of educational institutions and on the appeal of local communities, educational institutions, assistance to communities, public organizations, and other institutions, as well as assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by its own production.

7. Director of the enterprise, enterprise contacts – Volkov Ruslan Dmytrovych, building 1, Khmelnytskoho Street, village Yelizavetivka, Petrikivskiy district, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine, 51831. Phone: +38 (056) 790-78-01; +38 (05634) 2-31-61 (62). E-mail: orel-leader@mhp.com.ua



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