Unique business model is our key competitive advantage over both domestic and international peers

At MHP, we are in complete control of every stage of our poultry production: from incubating eggs right through to the final distribution and sales of our poultry products. We even grow the grains that are the basis of our own fodder. This means we can control both the quality and cost of our product, from field to fork. This unique business model, which is supported by significant investment in leading-edge production facilities, gives us a major competitive advantage over our domestic and international competitors.

MHP also sees vertical integration as a key to realising economies of scale, especially in a developing economy such as Ukraine’s. Even as we grow and expand our production capacity, we aim to maintain this valuable asset of self-sufficiency in chicken fodder. We will also continue to find imaginative complementary uses for various by-products of our processes. For example, we use the sunflower husks left from oil pressing as bedding at our chicken production facilities, and chicken droppings to make fertiliser for grain production. We also use the husks as a fuel to generate steam energy for one of our fodder plants and, since 2012, we have operated a biogas plant fuelled by chicken droppings at the Orel-Leader poultry farm (in the Dnipropetrovsk region). These are important steps towards an increasing self-sufficiency in energy.


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