LLC Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm

LLC Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm is the only enterprise in Ukraine that specializes in manufacture of goose meat and delicacy foie gras.


The enterprise has a closed production cycle. Key types of activities of the poultry farm are breeding of the poultry, as well as manufacture of the poultry meat, meat products, finished products and dishes.


The company was established in 2005. In 2006 it joined Myronivsky Hliboproduct PJSC. Facilities of the enterprise are located in Sniatyn town, Potychok, Rusiv, Dolishnie and Zaluchchia villages of Sniatyn District, as well as in Vikno, Strilche, Verbivtsi and Cherniatyn villages of Horodenka District of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.


Operational activities:


A number of site zones / poultry houses:

  • Site for production of young replacement stock – 6 poultry houses (Rusov village).
  • Site for parent stock – 5 poultry houses (Potychokvillage).
  • Production site N 1 – 6 poultry houses (Snyatyn town).
  • Production site N 2 – 9 poultry houses (Snyatyn town).
  • Production site N 3 – 7 poultry houses (Zaluchchia Dolishnie ).
  • Site of poultry force feeding – 7 poultry houses (Snyatyn town).


Number of heads in 1 poultry house: approximately 5 thousand heads.


Number of slaughter lines: 1.


Other facilities of the Company:

  • Hatcher with capacity of 76,000 one-off egg laying. Hatching out in 2015 amounted to 53%. Hatched eggs in 2015– 248,962 p.
  • Canning workshop.


Company’s performance indicators for 2015:

  • Made in 2015: liver (foie gras) – 62.8 tons, meat and slaughterhouse by-products – 427 tons, feather – 18.7 tons.
  • 54 tons of the finished products (mousses, terrines, confit, pate) were produced in the canning workshop.


The Company manufactures the goods under such trademarks as Dva Gusia and TM Chateau Galicia.


Company’s certification:


  • Certificate СН 10/0606 on assessment and certification in compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.
  • Certificate СН 10/0612 on assessment and certification in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the activities in the field of development, manufacture, storage and shipment of chilled and frozen products made of goose meat, sub-products and crude fat.
  • Cerificate СН 12/0606 on assessment and certification in compliance with the requirements of FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000.

From 25.01.16 till 31.01.16 the company had conducted the recertification audit of product quality and safety management system.


Social projects / programs of the Company:

  • Privileged food for employees.
  • Free delivery to work / from work.
  • Welfare assistance.
  • Provision of nonresident employees with accommodation.


Number of employees: 259 persons.



During 2015 the company rendered financial support to local school and pre-school educational institutions in landscaping, reconstruction of the administrative and office complex.

Director of Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm LLC – Ihor Volodymyrovych Solovka.


Address: 34 Shyroka Street, Snyatyn, Snyatyn District, 78300, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

Tel./ fax: (03476) 2-12-24. E-mail