LLC Zakhid-Agro MHP became a part of PJSC Mironivsky Hliboproduct in June 2015.



  • Land assets of the enterprise consist of 5 modules and amount to 40,541.27 ha.
  • Land bank for trimming: 40,541.27 ha.
  • Enterprise facilities: 2 elevators: Krasnianskiy and Voskresintsevskiy.



Enterprise performance indicators for the year 2015:

  • Yield for the year, ton: 159.242 t.
  • Yield capacity by crops, tons: winter wheat – 36,831; winter rape – 20,536; corn – 46,625; sunflower – 14,146; soya – 467, peas – 1,702; spring wheat – 6,302; winter barley – 32,632.


Social projects / programmes of the enterprise:

  • Subsidized meals.
  • Free transportation to / from work.
  • Cash and non-cash incentive for employees.

Number of the company employees:  500 persons.



Charitable activities in 2015

During 2015, UAH 1,772,135 were committed to charitable projects. Support was provided to ATO veterans and to the Armed Forces of Ukraine; to schools, kindergartens; churches. Funds have been allocated to the rehabilitation and development of infrastructure in villages and regional centers, site improvements, charity support to specialised treatment and rehabilitation centers; support of cultural and sports programmes in villages.



Director of LLC Zakhid-Agro MHP – Ryabchuk Victor Nikolayevich.


Office address: 4th Floor, Structure 1, 72 Geroiev UPA Street, Lvov, 79015.