PJSC MHP permanently keeps up with innovations in the field of biological danger with a view of implementing the newest and the most efficient measures.


Biological safety of MHP is the complex of control measures directed to preventing onset and spreading of diseases or their agents in enterprises engaged in poultry breeding, production of incubation eggs, meat reprocessing, and in production of mixed fodder. It is achieved at the expense of organization of enterprises in such way that spread of microorganisms is minimized as much as possible within the enterprise territory. The principle of using of measures for biological safety is concentrated on lowering of biological risks to acceptable levels. Biological safety functions in directions of finding of dangerous risks, their estimation, development and introduction of means and measures for their minimization, and constant checking of efficiency.


There are such key elements of biological safety control as:

  • Isolation/
  • Control of access and premises. 
  • Sanitation and hygiene.


Isolation of production enterprises includes their location in remote areas; distant location of zones of parent and commercial stock; breeding of poultry belonging to one age category within one zone of breeding for ensuring the principle named as «all in / all out» («occupied / empty»), proper fencing of breeding zones on adjacent territories, and proper state of premises for keeping, supervision over invasion of wild animals, birds and other pests. Personnel are prohibited to keep poultry in their household plots with a view of preventing spread of infection agents into territory of battery farms.

Control of access and premises means movement of transportation means, poultry / animals, employees, equipment etc., which is organized in such way that routes of cross-contamination will be minimized. MHP enterprises operate in the closed regime, access of employees to their territories is restricted, and visitors are admitted there with the permission of their directors only. Entering into territories of enterprises is made only through the veterinary and sanitary disinfection center, and transport entrance is made through the specially equipped disinfection barrier. After entering into the territory of enterprise all employees and visitors pass the obligatory procedure of biological safety, which consists of shower taking and using of sanitary clothes.

The third control element in the framework of providing biological safety in enterprises is sanitation and hygiene. This stage includes: disinfection of premises, equipment, territory, control over pests; management of wastes’ recycling; observing rules of hygiene by personnel, contractual organizations and by visitors. The special attention is paid to periods of sanitary cleansing and disinfection of poultry yard after each breeding cycle, and it makes preventing appearance of agents of diseases possible. All enterprises operate according to the Program of control over pests with keeping obligatory observation over their activity on three control level: Level 1 (fencing), Level 2 (the external perimeter of erections), and Level 3 (the internal perimeter of erections). No less attention is paid to recycling of wastes. Recycling of wastes is made according to all demands of the legislation. Moreover, enterprises permanently improve production processes by reducing the volume of wastes.

The obligatory measure that aids avoiding the onset and spreading of diseases is prophylaxis based on using of fixed specific methods and measures, which ensure immunity against infection diseases, namely, vaccination. For example, poultry is vaccinated against such diseases as Gamboro disease, infection bronchitis, and Newcastle disease.

If infection is found out, then immediately measures for control over its influence and for prevention of its spread in enterprises should be taken including the imposition of quarantine.

MHP enterprises assess the danger for their products, which is presented by potential acts of sabotage, vandalism, and biological terrorism, and takes proper protection measures for the prevention of threat. For example, personnel is physically restricted against access to some territories at the expense of installation of locks and using of electronic smart cards or other systems; visitors and personnel are obliged to observe rigorous regimes of personal hygiene, behavior rules and other instructions.

PJSC MHP permanently keeps up with innovations in the field of biological danger with a view of implementing the newest and the most efficient measures. The chief veterinary physician regularly revises and renovates measures against biological danger in order to confirm efficiency of protection against the threat of diseases.